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Company Outline: Cloud Fundamental

Founded in 2015, Cloud Fundamental’s reputation and continued success is the result of our technical expertise in the design and implementation of secure solutions in both the private and public sector.

Our technical teams have a wealth of experience honed over several decades and are recognised for their successful implementations and unsurpassed service levels. As an AWS Certified Partner we specialise in secure public cloud, from small scale pilots to phased mass migrations.
Able to work to strict time frames to varying budgets, our services range from initial technical guidance and advice to full managed service of in-depth, secure and multi-channel projects.

We focus on making each engagement easy, assigning experienced technical experts along with project and support teams to each client – there is always somebody on hand to guide the client through the design, build, deployment and ongoing support phases.

We also get things done, drawing on the experience we have in deploying complex contact centre builds. We take any unknowns off the agenda, allocating adequate time to inform and explain, not only on delivery milestones but also on technical capability of the team and of the products available.

Understanding the jargon and in-depth technical complexities of world class systems doesn’t mean we are not approachable. We make it part of our delivery goals to get to know our counterparts and to keep conversation balanced and respectful.

Amazon Connect Expertise


Included in Cloud Fundamental’s experience is the deployment and support of 20 Contact Centre as a Service campaigns that span the whole breadth of the public sector. From Home Office departments supporting the Brexit transition to Healthcare systems providing Covid support. The smallest of our currently live CSaaS campaigns operates for less than 10 agents whilst the largest supports more than 1500.

The nature of our client’s activities means all of our contact centre campaigns are deployed into UK based infrastructure, are exclusively built on Amazon Connect and designed and supported by security cleared teams.

We skilfully deliver call centre capabilities such as call and queue management, IVR, agent / customer experience, call recordings, reporting and wallboards. This and our dedication, commitment and flexibility are the cornerstone of Cloud Fundamental’s approach.

We propose to kick off any engagement with a scoping workshop, the outcome of which, will be an agreed set of both functional and non-functional requirements. We then work towards completing both our high-level scope (from which the pricing and timing will be calculated), an example of which is below, as well as our CCD, (Contact Centre Design) which will detail the technical content required for us to build out the infrastructure. This CCD is usually a working document in the first instance, solidifying as we progress through the design phase to deployment. This process, to the point of testing, is estimated to take 10 weeks.

Testing is typically initiated in the QA environment, once signed off we will replicate the build into our pre-built Production environment, ready for testing again. We also support load testing, pen testing, as well as offering extended early life support if required.


Danie Myers – Head of Operations, Cloud Fundamental

danie@cloudfundamental.com or info@cloudfundamental.com.

Cloud Fundamental

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