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Here are some common questions about the cloud.

Is the cloud right for my business?

Our collaborative approach means that we assess the benefits and challenges of any new solution or system migration on a case by case basis in consultation with you. The benefits of the cloud are well documented, see our ‘8 reasons your business needs the cloud’ for more details. However, one solution does not fit all and the initial consultation we offer, is vital in ensuring that your company gets the best from any move to the cloud. For some companies, a fully cloud base solution is best, for others it may be a combination of cloud and hybrid (on premise).

Our legacy systems are very complex, can they be migrated?

Our team have decades of experience with legacy systems in both the private and public sector and recognise that each present their own challenges. However, we’re yet to find one that can’t be securely and successfully migrated to the cloud!

Will my company data be safe in the cloud?

We are proud to be the first cloud consultancy to gain accreditation and PSN certification to securely host sensitive Government data and applications in the public cloud (AWS London) with connection to the Public Services Network (PSN). You can be assured that, with the right controls in place, data can be more secure in the cloud than on premise. To find out more, look at our MTCnovo case study

Do I have to migrate all our systems into the cloud?

It’s not a case of all or nothing with the cloud. Data or applications can be migrated individually and many of our clients initially have a combination of cloud and on premise for their legacy systems and cloud for their new systems. However, we are finding that once our clients have started the migration process and seen the benefits, they’re keen to accelerate their cloud migration programme.

Why do companies start to investigate the cloud?

Generally, there are three scenarios which prompt a company to investigate Cloud technology:

  • A Start-up and Development team who need to deploy resources quickly and cheaply.
  • Customers who have an application or platform that is approaching end-of-life or end-of-support, and they need to migrate or upgrade the system. In this case, they will outsource either the application or systems that are running on the legacy hardware.
  • Customers facing reduced IT budgets who are looking to get more bang for their IT buck.
What are the business benefits of cloud technology?
Can you prove the cloud is right for my business before I fully commit?
After thorough planning and formulation of a strategy, we can carry out a proof of concept to ensure our Clients are happy to proceed with any cloud solution/migration.
Once we’re using the cloud, how do we support it?

Cloud Fundamental offer full life cycle support and maintenance including monitoring, patching, backups and service management. We also offer on-site and off-site support, training and hands-on guidance, allowing you to manage your applications in a way that suits your business.

Is the cloud the future?

Companies recognise the benefits of the cloud and with investment expected to rocket over the next few years, the majority of SMEs and large organisations will be implement some type of cloud computing strategy within their business. It is generally predicted that by the end of 2018 at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based and that by 2020 roughly 60-70% of all software, services and technology will be cloud based.

It’s safe to say that cloud technology is here to stay.

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