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Moving to the cloud?

In today’s fast paced world, only flexible and resilient businesses thrive. The pressure of reducing costs and increasing security, adds to the challenge. This is where the cloud comes into its own.

You can migrate some or all your current IT securely to the cloud or build an environment for a new product or market with ease. Some people think that moving to the cloud is very difficult and that everything has to be moved at the same time. This is not the case, you can use the cloud just for new requirements or if you have need to test something it can be used as a standalone play area.  With the immediate benefit of a ‘pay as you use model’ and no contract commitment, companies can instantly respond to fluctuations in their requirements, whilst saving money and resources. With the right planning, deployment is fast, and the ongoing headache of maintenance is removed.

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that at least half of IT spending is cloud-based, roughly 60-70% of all software, services and technology is designed for the cloud.

Now is the time for your company to consider moving to the cloud!

Where do I start?

Need more information?

As with all IT projects, successful cloud solutions start with a good understanding of what a business wants to achieve. Our consultation process enables us to fully analyse your existing environments and understand your specific business requirements and challenges.

So, whether you’re at the ‘cloud might be for us’ stage or have some legacy systems you need to move, contact us to see how we can help you benefit from the cloud.

Moving to the cloud can feel a bit daunting so check out our FAQs to see what other client’s have asked us before making their move. Take a look at our 8 Reasons your business needs the cloud page to see some of the business advantages of starting your journey. We have probably already moved businesses like yours to the cloud, so why not take the fast track and speak to us.

Who are Cloud Fundamental?

At Cloud Fundamental, we’re inspired by the sheer potential of cloud technology and how it revolutionises the way in which private and public sector businesses operate. Avoiding unnecessary technical jargon and working in a collaborative way, our days are spent developing new solutions and migrating legacy applications and data securely to the cloud. Our focus is on solutions that make business sense for you, our partners, like reducing IT overheads, increasing flexibility and enhancing productivity. Cloud solutions that enable you to concentrate on what matters most – growing your business.

Our mission

“To guide, inspire and protect our customers on their journey to the cloud and beyond”

We are the first Enterprise ready Amazon Web Services Partner in the UK and proud to be the first UK based cloud consultancy to successfully host secure government data and applications in the public cloud.

As an independent consultancy, we’re not restricted to any one supplier – allowing us to analyse your requirements and design the best solution for your business.

By keeping abreast of new cloud innovations, we ensure your organisation is always profiting from any new technological developments and your solutions continue to deliver enduring business benefit and competitive edge.

What our clients think about us

“I would unreservedly recommend Cloud Fundamental to anyone looking to use cloud services; in partnership with AWS they went above and beyond to design and implement a secure enterprise-class solution.”

Chris Martin

CTO, MTCnovo

“These guys have forgotten more about IT than I ever knew!”

Mark Hewitt

Operations Director, TESLA (Europe) Ltd

“Cloud Fundamental provided invaluable support and helped us migrate our legacy system to the cloud. They designed and implemented reliable and efficient AWS solution that will enable us to take on new challenges and grow our business.”

Jaka Stiglic

Senior Analyst, Catalyst Commodities

“Cloud Fundamental’s team has made a huge, positive impact on our programme; their commitment, proactivity and skill have been instrumental in our success. Cloud Fundamental swiftly built a strong, professional rapport with my team and has proved to be an invaluable source of trusted technical advice and conscientious, easily-accessed support across a long and demanding delivery cycle.”

Michael Snodden

ICT Programme Manager, MTCnovo

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We are the first enterprise ready Amazon Web Services partner and cloud delivery transformation consultancy who truly understand legacy environments and what the power of the cloud can deliver.  Contact us

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